TerraCycle Global Foundation Plastic Credits

The TerraCycle Global Foundation (through the TerraCycle Thai Foundation) is registering with Verra to earn plastic offset credits under their Plastic Waste Reduction Standard. These credits will be awarded for our current work in collecting and processing river waste (including plastic) in the Lat Phrao canal communities of Bangkok. The sale of these credits will allow our team to continue serving the community and also expand our impact.

Our dedicated employees collect, sort, dry, and weigh the waste at the Foundation’s sortation site before it is sent to processing. The Foundation’s team ensures
that all collected waste (glass, plastics, metals, organics, etc.) is processed responsibly, and under the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard, Verra will issue Plastic Waste Collection Credits on all our plastic collections and will issue Plastic Waste Recycling Credits on any plastic collected and recycled. This is subject to Verra’s review of the Joint Plastic Project Description and Monitoring Report we are submitting, and the successful audit by one of their approved Validation / Verification Bodies (VVBs). After Verra’s review, a public copy of the Joint Plastic Project Description and Monitoring Report we are submitting will be made available on Verra’s website during the 30-day public comment period.

We will post updates on this page as they become available.

We welcome any and all questions and comments about this program. Click here to visit our contact form.