Ocean Plastic Flows From Rivers

How Does Plastic Get into Oceans?

River Waste

Take Out the Trash

Stemming the Plastic Tide

The TerraCycle Global Foundation starts ocean cleanup at the main source: our rivers and canals.

Our work in the canals of Bangkok, Thailand, has proven to be successful in mitigating the flow of waste into oceans. Collecting river waste before it reaches the ocean is more efficient and pulling it early reduces the chance it will break down into smaller hard to collect bits.

Not only do we directly remove trash from waterways to be recycled, but we also work to educate communities about proper waste management, so it doesn't get into out rivers to begin with. During local outreach activities and cleanup events, community members see how they can take action to stop waterway waste. Some have begun to hang and sort their waste for our teams to recycle; as a result we’ve seen an overall decline of certain waste types in the water.

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