Dana Bass Solomon –  Business and Non-profit Management

Expertise in business and non-profit management. Global experience in women's empowerment issues in low income communities.

Eric Brisson –  Co-founder, Resonance Philanthropies

International entrepreneur with several successful startups becoming significant businesses, Eric manages significant private and charitable assets focused on impact, with a current emphasis on ocean plastics and waste alleviation.

Lisa JenningsOTC Category Leader at Haleon

OTC Category Leader at Haleon, ex-Senior Vice President at Procter & Gamble.

Richard Perl – Chief Administrative Officer, TerraCycle, Inc. 

Chief Administrative Officer, TerraCycle, Inc. Attorney (NY Bar) with expertise in corporate and non-profit law, with decades of experience in impact business and social mission activities and capital development.

Tom Szaky – Chair of the Board, Founder of TerraCycle Inc.

Founder and CEO, TerraCycle, Inc.  Globally recognized and award-winning business leader and innovator waste issues and innovation, with particular achievements in recycling and durable product and packaging systems.



M.L. Dispanadda Diskul – Chair of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of Mae Fah Luang Foundation

As CEO of Mae Fah Luang Foundation K. "Duke" is very active in sustainable development, and manages the social enterprise Doi Tung Development Project as well as 5 other social businesses.

Singh Intrachooto Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Building Innovation

An Associate Professor of Building Innovation at Kasetsart, Director of the Creative Center for Eco-design, design principle of Osisu focusing on up-cycled products, and head of the technical committee for creating the Up-cycle Carbon Footprint label, Dr. Singh is one of Thailand's leading experts on sustainability and waste up-cycling.

Busba Wongnapapisan – SVP Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, CP Group

As Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability with CP Feed Ingredients Trading (FIT) Business Group, Busba's division aims to source all materials in the most responsible and sustainable way with zero deforestation goal in mind. 




James Scott – Executive Director Global/Thai

Having experienced the impacts of waste on coral reefs and marine areas first hand on his diving trips around the world, He decided that it was time to become part of the solution. Drawing on his executive level experience in several startups, James has embraced the challenge of dealing with the massive volume of plastics and waste in Bangkok’s heavily polluted canal system. Together with local community leaders, government officials, and the recycling expertise of TerraCycle, James and his team have been able to launch one of the most effective and efficient canal and river cleanup operations anywhere. They are now working to expand their project to other canals and waterways in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. 

 Teya Taksorn – Executive Administrative Assistant

Teya began her journey with TerraCycle Thai Foundation as a translator, but joined full time during the COVID lockdown. Not afraid to put on boots and get dirty, she has both helped develop a strong operational team, and also helped the Foundation develop strong relationships with the local government and waste processors to ensure the program's long term success.